Also available is a very comprehensive (museum quality) collection of Alvin Lustig material.
12 cubic feet

Highlights to the collection include:

Touring Topics (May 1933)

Ghost in the Underblows w/DJ (Ward Ritchie Press) (1940)

Words and Their Meanings (Ward Ritchie Press) (1940)

Robinson Jeffers (Ward Ritchie Press) (1938)

Beverly Hills High School 27th Commencement Program (1941)

Alvin Lustig’s Studio Announcement (1941)

Cities are for People Brochure (1942)

Joan of Arkansas Sheet Music (1949)

A-D Gallery, NYC; Composing Room Exhibition Catalog (1948)

Complete set of Neurotica Journals (1948)

Palestine Dances and Songs 78 (Alco Records) (1953)

Jewish Holiday Dances and Songs 78 (Alco Records) (1953)

J. S. Bach - The Suites for Orchestra, complete box set (1952);

(Only known copy as box set)

‘I Will Try’ Girl Scout Brochure (1954)

Design (Black Mountain College) (1946);

(Removed from bound edition)

World Inventors Exposition Brochure (1947)

AIGA Journal; Vol 4 No 1-2 (1952)

The Collective Writings of Alvin Lustig;

(From the collection of Elaine Lustig Cohen;

Pristine in pristine onion skin dust jacket!)

Complete New Direction New Classics Series

Interiors Magazine (1946)

Selected Poems, Carl Rakosi

(One of only several known hardcover editions)

...and much, much more!

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